Monday, December 29, 2014

Post-Holidays Detox

Overeating seems to go hand in hand with the holidays.  I for one enjoyed my fair share of seasonal dishes and delicious dinner spreads not to mention great wine and sweets. My guilty pleasure also included one too many "red-cup" lattes. With this abundance of treats and sweets my body is well overdue for a cleansing detox.

If you're also feeling the bloat and in need of "fat pants" (just like me) then how about trying the following detox tips to cleanse your body and get back on a healthy track...

Begin your day with a tall glass of water with lemon. In fact, spend the entire day chugging plenty of water. Water gets your digestive system going, minimizes the bloat and in a few days your energy levels begin to elevate. The boost in energy will do your body good. 

Eat plenty of leafy green veggies and minimize carbs. Greens with the high influx of water do the body great. They're also a great way to fill your body healthfully which at this point it's been used to being stuffed with indulgent treats. Greens combined with lean meats are a wonderful source of fuel as you cleanse your body.


Start moving! You don't have to get in marathon running shape, but activity works wonders on a detoxing body. This also elevates energy and other feel good endorphins.  When you feel good, you do good. Activity should breed more activity and keeps your healthy habits on track.

Stay away from excessive consumption of sugar, salt, and alcohol. This will keep your body in line while you're getting back to a healthy rhythm.  Plus, you'll likely lose a few pounds after eliminating junk food options from your daily meal plan.

Finally, keep matters consistent. This will allow your body to slowly adjust after the recent holiday splurge. Give this a-go for two weeks, ideally, three. After all, it's said that it takes 21-days to break any habit especially if that habit was a tendency to overindulge on holiday sweets and treats October through December.

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