Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Naturally bounce back from fighting the flu!

I'm no expert, but probably like you, I surely can't be held down by a cold or flu during seasonal outbreaks. Nevertheless, like clockwork every fall or winter, my firstborn comes home sniffling and his bug knocks me out. In less than 24 hours I had a massive sore throat, headache, chills, body aches and a fever. To top it off I felt horribly during the rainiest day So. Cal has seen in ages. It was a perfect storm (pun intended).

However, as a busy working mom I cannot just stop for a nasty flu to take over my body. The show must go on and the sooner I'm back to 100%, the better. Here's a list of essentials I use to naturally bounce back or at least what I'm in the midst of incorporating as I type this:

1. H2O overload! Drink all of your meals if possible... tea, pho, water, chicken stew, etc.! As soon as I up the fluids my sluggish internal batteries begin to recharge. Plus there's nothing better for a sore throat than warm soothing & natural relief. One great remedy here is to warm up two lemon wedges in the microwave then drink the lemon juice as hot as you can possibly tolerate. Feel free to add a little honey. This whips a sore throat right into shape.

2. Stay warm, but not too warm if your fever is spiking. I make sure to bundle up and get comfy as soon as possible on sick days. Today I doubled up on socks, blankets and dressed in layers for bedtime. Another natural remedy to use at bedtime is rubbing alcohol! Spread the alcohol over your bare feet then place your socks over them. This alcohol effect works wonders and somehow boosts your energy.

3. Speaking of bed... Shut down and get to rest as soon as possible. I had a full day of work and family responsibilities to jungle while dealing with flu symptoms. However, as soon as I could afford to I was in bed (7:30pm to be precise)! Rest is obviously one of the best natural remedies for any flu or cold attacks. So never underestimate the importance and get plenty of shut-eye. A naturally soothing relaxation tip would be to play calm, relaxing music & light aromatic candles (light candles before actually getting to bed, then make sure to blow those out). This soothing mood enhancement is another great way to begin naturally recovering your body and soul.

What are your natural tips to bouncing back from a cold or flu?

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