Friday, December 12, 2014

More Money Than Beyonce

As 2014 comes to an end there are lots of different "top" and "best of" lists coming out. I recently looked over a list with a surprising #1! Forbes Magazine has just released "The Worlds Highest Paid Musicians of 2014" list and the top earner was a shock to me.

Lets take a look at some artists who are near the top....
  • Mikey Cyrus with $36 million
  • Katy Perry with $40 million
  • Taylor Swift with $64 million
  • One Direction with $75 million
  • Justin Bieber with $80 million
Some of the top earners are....
  • The Eagles with $100 million
  • Beyonce with $115 million
$115 million!! That is like Oprah rich. That is crazy but what's even crazier is that Beyonce was at the #2 spot and the #1 earner topped her by $505 million!! Yes you read that correctly. $505 million more than Beyonce. Even crazier is that this artist has not released a solo album since 2001!

The highest paid musician of 2014 with a grand total earning of $620 million is none other than...


Thanks to his deal with Apple, Dr.Dre tops the list. This year he sold his company Beats for $3 billion, yes with a 'b'.  This deal alone banked Dre $40 million.

I bet no one forgets about Dre now.

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