Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Last Minute Gift Ideas

I'm done shopping and did about 98% of it online. That means I didn't hassle with crowds, long lines and traffic chaos. However, there's always someone I forget.

When that happens I can't stand the idea of heading back into a crowd-infested mall. If you're also feeling the crunch with one day to go think about skipping the hustle and bustle and opt for one of these last minute gems....

1. DIY (crafts or baked goods)! Really, with Pinterest nowadays folks can make masterpieces with straw and glue or for baking just add sugar and lots n' lots of butter. Not really accurate, but homemade is still a pretty easy route so long as you've got all supplies on hand. This year my husband made the best homemade ornament wall hanging using Popsicle sticks, glue and spray paint. It was so fun and easy! Grandparents would love a gift like this from the kiddos!

2. Raid the convenience store! This day in age places like Walgreens and Rite Aid actually have awesome selections and way less crowds. We've snagged great toys for less. My son actually just nabbed a super holiday deal! He got a table top fuseball set for only $10! I also love makeup & perfume selections at these establishments. 

3. Desperate? If you really waited until the last minute and you're left with something as simple as 7/11 buy lottery tickets as gifts! My brother once did that and someone won over $100. Sure, it's a gamble that may lead to no money gained, but the group excitement of simultaneously revealing scratcher results is actually kind of fun! Plus, if someone really hits it big they owe you a definite CUT!

4. Avoid the stores all together and buy gift cards online. Sure, this route is pretty impersonal but you can add a sweet element with printable templates or certificates. For instance, a Barnes and Nobles gift card would go great with a lovely printout of your favorite poem. It brings the whole concept together without feeling so last minute! 

5. Choose Booze! With stores like BevMo and Total Wine selling such great wine, alcohol, and beer selections, this last minute grab works well. This is a gift I love to receive and wouldn't find it distasteful so long as quality wasn't compromised. I also love collecting great looking bottles and these stores have some pretty ones on hand!

6. Give cash! This is still a great go-to last minute plan. Gets pricy quickly, but if you're really in a last minute bind no one will ever turn away cold hard cash!

What are your last minute shopping solutions?

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