Monday, December 22, 2014

Is Jane the Virgin a Feminist?

I recently finished binge watching all 7 seasons of  "Gilmore Girls" on Netflix. (#teamluke) And since I have to wait until January to bigne watch Friends on Netflix I needed something to watch in the in-between time. Enter the CW show "Jane the Virgin". How did this show get past me? It is so good. I would describe it as part Ugly Betty, part Telenovela, part Dexter. Why Dexter? Well mostly because of the location and there are a few murders involved.

The story is about a girl named Jane. She is saving herself for marriage but a mix up at her gynocologist office finds Jane accidentally artificially inseminated. To make things more complicated the "donor" is her boss, who she had a brief romantic encounter with years ago. Throw in finding out that her biological father is a famous telenovela star. Of course a show centered around a Latino star with a Latino family is always a hit in our house.

The show has even nabbed a Golden Globe nomination. The star of the show is Gina Rodriguez and I kinda have a little girl crush on her. Recently her name came up on a few different blogs I read all about her exchange with a twitter follower/fan about feminism. A fan asked Gina is she was a feminist and she replied that she was not. When the fan responded by giving the definition of a feminist as "someone who wants equal rights for men and women", Gina was quick to apologize and change her answer. I love how Gina explained how she was not familiar with the definition and instead only knew the word by its negative connotation (man-haters etc..) and was thankful to get the real definition and to change her answer.

Are you watching Jane the Virgin?

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