Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Traditions

Merry Christmas Eve!

This time of the year always tends to be chaotic and stressful. The lists, the drained bank accounts, all the wrapping paper, packed parking lots, and the long lines at the stores. For me it is easy to let the stress ruin my holiday spirit. I think that is why I love Christmas Eve so much! It means the rat race is done and it is time to really enjoy the holiday. 

My family I love that there are holiday traditions that I can count on. 

  • Annual Ornament: Every year we hang a new ornament on our tree. The ornament is something that represents a big event of the year. This one is from 2009, the year our oldest daughter started school!

  •  Every year my whole extended family gets together on Christmas Eve night. The house is packed with people and kids and love and laughter! Every year my Tia Angie brings a box full of sugar cookies, tubs and tubs of different colored frosting and lots and lots of toppings. The kids get to go crazy decorating cookies that they can leave out for Santa. 

  • One of my favorite family traditions is Santa's visit. Yes that's right, Santa shows up! Usually around 10pm we hear bells coming from outside. Then Santa comes in with his bag filled with gifts. Each kid gets one gift to open. Most of us have one picture like this one from a Christmas Eve past. 

I am so excited that Christmas Eve is here! 
Have a safe and fantastic celebration! 

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