Monday, December 15, 2014

Being CHEAP Gets Expensive!

I'm a self-proclaimed cheapskate. Regardless of increased earnings, I am ALWAYS looking for a deal. Maybe it's just something I inherited from my infamous father who preferred wearing holey shoes than invest in a new pair. Now, I'm not that extreme, but I am frugal. I often go on and on about my frugality on this very blog.

But not everything that's cheap, is worth it!

My mom has always had this spanish saying with the gist being: "what is cheap ends up being expensive!" The saying means to convey that buying cheap gets expensive in the long-run. Sure, you could nab $10 sneakers at Walmart, but you'll find kids wearing these "puppies" out in record time. If you end up having to buy $10 shoes on a quarterly basis than you might as well have spent the forty dollars to get a decent pair from the onset (for my kid that means Nike sneakers from the MALLLL!)!

Those .50 greeting cards don't always turn out!
Just today I was reminded how something cheap doesn't make for the best deal. Annually, I purchase our holiday photo greeting cards on You just can't beat their prices. Prices range from .28 to $1.00 per card and shipping is free or for about $2 you can pick up prints same-day, in store. This sounds like a great plan, until it's not. I spent over an hour trying to purchase this year's perfect personalized greeting cards on a faulty site thanks to all of us cheapies inundating it at once. That right there means I may be saving a few bucks, but I'm definitely not saving time! And I hate wasting my time. UGH!

I gave up on the site and when I came back to it hours later I was finally ready to check out. I jetted over to pick up my prints and sure enough I was underwhelmed. Sure, the 25 personalized holiday cards only came to 12 bucks but the print quality was not what I expected. The proof didn't match the final result and my husband's input was the following... they're not bad, they just look like they cost $12! So, I may have saved some cash not using other online hot spots like Vista Print or Shutterfly all for the sake of cheap & easy, but now I wish I hadn't. In fact, when I reorder a new, better batch than what was intended to be cheap... turned out to be EXPENSIVE!

There's a lot of things that turn out this way when seeking a deal. You may get that cheap outfit, but soon it falls apart. You may select the inexpensive no-name electronics, but those gadgets don't always end up lasting as long as their more expensive counterparts.  

The best way to avoid the pitfalls of "cheapdom" is to go with discount department stores that actually sell name brand high-quality items. My favorite is Nordstroms Rack. Now, if only they sold same-day personalized holiday greeting cards! 

What are your cheapskate horror stories? Come on... we all have at least ONE! 
Share yours in the comment section below!

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