Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Be Cautious of the Upgrades in Your Life

Upgrading your life seems simple enough. Maybe you're in the market to upgrade a new smartphone, a gaming system, or perhaps it's a room remodel or a bigger home altogether, whatever the upgrade, be careful! Yes, caution is key when upgrading your life. 

We recently confirmed we'll be upgrading our home to its larger counterpart (unit B in a two unit complex). We can use the space. It's the easiest move proximity-wise and on and on are the list of pros, but there's also cons. As much as this might be exciting news, I'm actually making a very calculated move and here's why:

More space sometimes means collecting more STUFF and we don't need more stuff. When novelty wears off stuff usually equates to junk, and junk sometimes means things we didn't need to begin with. I much rather have more space to fill with love and memories then suddenly start raking in debt because ofcountless upgrades. That's the first reason to proceed with caution.

Next, I have to make sure my family is keeping things simple in the middle of a home upgrade. Thanks to this move, my oldest son will finally get his own room. Seems great, but suddenly he expects to fill that room with new stuff. His most recent requests include a new television and PS3 gaming system for his room. This coming from a kid who barely watches television or uses his existing Wii gaming console. There's no need for more stuff just because my child is upgrading to his own bedroom. In fact, I've already prepped him to expect the following when he transitions to own-room-status... 

a) larger more organized closet 
b) new bookshelf with new books 
c) new desk for homework and reading

Yeah, none of that sounds like he's getting a TV and PS3... now how to get him to scratch those off his list to "Santa?"  

Things meant to upgrade and simplify our lives could actually divide us. More stuff could very well result in less quality family time. Gadgets and gizmos take over and before we know it we've upgraded to new tablets and smart phones and we're surrounded by virtual worlds and exchanges instead of real-life connections and conversations. My hubby purchased a new iPhone 6 for me in order to upgrade my camera. However, I'm often drawn to it sending work-related texts and emails. This habit reminds me to exercise caution. If I don't practice restraint and remind myself to be present a smartphone upgrade could soon turn into a big fail and bad example for my children.   

Are you cautious when upgrading your life?

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