Friday, November 21, 2014

Wine & Cheese Pairing

I am from the school of thought that cheese is a complete meal!  Last night our cheesy dinner spread was simple: blueberry goat cheese, Colby cheddar, water crackers, and peppered salami. Salami only landed on the cutting board because this was a shared meal. If the kids or hubby weren't around the cheese selection would have spiked to include Gouda, Blue Cheese, & Brie. I am a lover of all things cheese, for sure!

Plus, I love wine! Wine and cheese is a meal time win-win! It is great for a solo meal, a lovely picnic date or to host a wine and cheese gathering among friends. 

Check out these wine and cheese pairing ideas plus other w&c party tips: 

• Usually go with white wines. You might think heavier reds go with most cheeses but a light, delicious white wine is best. A chilled crisp white just gets all your taste buds engaged. This is especially true when combining whites with fresh cheeses: Chèvre, Feta, & Goat Cheese.
• If you're a lover of sweet wines try pairing yours with: Blue Cheese or Roquefort.
•Champagne goes great with Parmesan, Cheddar and Gouda.

Other yummy foods to incorporate into your w&c feast include fresh fruits such as mangos or pineapple. A delicious morsel of fruit combined with cheese, crackers and wine tastes divine. Flavorful spreads are also a must try. Layer preserves of any kind on a cracker with cheese and the result is so good! My favorites are apricot and fig spreads. Another delicious flavor plus would be to sprinkle fresh herbs over your cheese selection. I personally love a sprinkle of rosemary over mine. Finally, trying adding delicious meats for balance and to appease your meat-loving guests e.g. salami or prosciutto.

Then you're all set to sit back, relax & enjoy!

What are your favorite things to pair with wine?

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