Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Perks of Marrying a Bookworm

My husband is incredibly organized, an avid reader, and a truly a superman in my eyes. I also find him to be one of the smartest people I know. I love how much he loves learning. Even better I love how much I learn through him. Tonight's dinner conversation included some of the following words: propensity, acquiesce, symbiotic, apropos and presume.

If any of the above are new to you, here's a cheat sheet:

Propensity - a habit, likelihood, tendency

Acquiesce - to accommodate 

Symbiotic - mutually beneficial 

Apropos - appropriate 

Presume (educated guess) versus assume (wild guess without previous info. contributing to the guess)

My bookworm hubby is one of those who likely nailed the vocabulary section of the SAT. It's refreshing to engage in conversations where I'm very likely going to learn something - something he just read about. Plus, he's the bookworm of our home impacting the next generation through his children.

Truth by told, an extensive vocabulary isn't a strength of today's reality TV, Instagram-loving youth! iPhones are what most kids are buried in, not books. As I type this, my son is playing on a laptop.

Having a co-parent who enjoys learning means our kids are learning to enjoy it too. The hubby's done reading lessons with our pre-k kiddos and read a few parenting books himself. All in all, his involvement with books benefits all of us and encourages our children to love books just as much as he does. Besides we need more than just one parent who googles everything (that's me!)

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