Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Sure, all moms are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of their homes. Typically, that's the case at least. I always felt this was me then I became the actual CEO of my agency and realized I was capable of even more in motherhood.

If I once thought I was a resourceful, busy, multitasking queen well that "stock" just went up! I thought of myself as an efficient leader at home manning it all from birthday party schedules to soccer practices from grocery store shopping trips to mommy volunteering commitments. On top of that I am a social butterfly so along with running my home, I always ensured the hubby and I snuck in date nights for us or among friends. I'd operate a throughly executed plan for all things in our lives while working a FULL-TIME JOB! Yup, that's a mom CEO and mommies everywhere relate.

I was in a groove running my household while also being as present as possible with our three small children. I had my schedule and routine worked out fairly well day-to-day. Then I was promoted to the post of CEO professionally.

This career move was something I worked my tail off to achieve without always realizing I was achieving it. I was managing a career while running a household and sustaining a marriage. I was simply working so hard in all areas of my life that work responsibilities suddenly took me to a new level of career advancement. 

Today, I am in a new groove. I've elevated to a level of multitasking (and learning) I don't believe possible. In fact, I've likely never worked as efficiently as I have during my first month as CEO. Every minute of my work day is full with so much to manage. 

However career changes don't equate a break from being the CEO of my home. Other than my husband upping the help around everyday responsibilities, I have remained "Chief Executive Officer Mom!" No work promotion could ever change that.

Nonetheless, balance has shifted at home. I've had less free time to do motherhood with ease. Might think that's bad, but it's actually been good. Today, was the first day I've had to dedicate to errands in fours weeks and I got more done between 8am & 11am than I would have before with three or four monthly errand days. 

Truth be told I thought I'd spend today vegging-out and relaxing! WRONG! I naturally popped out of bed ready to conquer the day and fill it with necessary tasks. The old me would have taken it easy which was my norm before being promoted.

Having to be on point at work makes me even more on point at home. There's this internal need to max out always and let no productive moment waste away. It's truly next level parenting with very little idle time. My brain is almost unable to shut off from a new multitasking norm that is life within a demanding career, my marriage, three children and a desire to be social and active with family and friends.

Would a change in career change your personal life, too?!?   

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