Monday, November 17, 2014

NFL Hotness for the Ladies

Like most husbands, mine is glued to the tube watching football the entire span of the NFL season. In fact, if we aren't watching some NFL match up, college football is on! According to my sports-loving spouse all games are "interesting." This is just his way of reeling me in. But I just don't get why every game must be watched. He's a 49ers fan, so I'm clear, my entire household will be rooting for the 9ers on game day. 

Now, through the years I've done my fair share of complaining about all these football games, then I took a closer look. Football is full of hotties. I'm beginning to wish we actually got to see them without those helmets for more than just momentary sideline shots. Thank you NFL for all the eye-candy e.g….

Tom Brady: My goodness he's a hottie. Tom's married to a supermodel, so good looks are a family requirement. Tom's been in the league many years and only seems to get hotter with age. I mean look at this mug… 

Colin Kaepernick:  This quarterback shot to fame last year taking our beloved 9ers to a super bowl appearance. He's quite the cutie who is a typical female-fan favorite. Plus, he's one of those guys that just looks good covered in tattoos. Go 9ers!

Reggie Bush: Now Reggie was a cutie pie way back in his college days when he won countless games as a USC trojan. Just check out his smile. Not only does he pull off a great smile, but he's one of those men who has a sexy straight-face glare; meaning, I could watch him all day even if it's with his game face on.

Mark Sanchez: Here's another USC alum with a smile that makes ladies melt. Plus, his last name is Sanchez. That's my favorite last name (outside of my own). Mr. Sanchez makes me proud to see this handsome Latino representing in the NFL.

Erik Decker: This guy is such a charismatic hottie he has his own reality show. I mean of course he needed to be on screen without that football helmet. Mr. Decker thanks for being such a looker!

There you have it some of the best of the best in the NFL (when it comes to LOOKS)! These hotties make the football invasion on my television every fall not only bearable, but enjoyable. So thank you NFL footballers, thank you. 

Who are the hottest guys you love to watch in sports? 

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