Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Free Apps I Had to Buy

Who knew 10 years ago we'd be connected to so many services using apps? App developers, that's who! I've always had this fantasy that I'd invent the next big thing available via app à la Uber. I mean what a great concept?

There is so much available at our fingertips in app stores from diet and exercise to music, games and transportation services. Apps make lives easier and as much as we might fret about technology taking over, there are apps most of us just can't live without. Like most people, I've used free versions of most apps before committing to a purchase. Free apps are full of ads and usually offer only basic features, but companies sure entice us just enough to turn a free app into a paid one!

The following is a list of apps that became must-have paid subscriptions and tools for our busy family...

Spotify ($9.99 monthly): Spotify is music at your fingertips. We also pay for iTunes Match which means everything we've downloaded (paid albums) is accessible to us via wi-fi. However, the difference with Spotify is that one monthly fee covers it all. There's no need to buy music albums. Mostly all albums & artists are at your fingertips via Spotify. Other than Taylor Swift suddenly yanking her music from Spotify this week, I am usually able to hear any and every song I am in the mood for. This is a great music app. Makes for great entertaining and keeps me grooving through the workday.

Amazon Prime/ Instant Video ($108 annually): Sure you could use the basic Amazon app without buying a subscription but the additional paid perks are good in my eyes. With Amazon Prime a person gets free two-day shipping on most items as well as use of the entire Amazon Instant Video library. Now this library isn't Netflix, but it's getting there! There's also Prime Pantry (great way to stock up on groceries)! Pretty cool, huh?

Drop Box ($9.99 monthly): Drop Box is an easy way to virtually share files. This service is near and dear considering ALL of my photos are stored using Drop Box. Way back when our external hard drive became damaged and there went years of memories and baby pics. I was devastated. Now, we use cloud-based technology to ensure this doesn't happen again. Plus Drop Box, is a great tool for office life! 

Audible ($14.95 monthly): This is one of my husband's favorite apps. For avid readers who have any kind of commute, try audible. It provides a large library of audiobooks to subscribers for a small monthly fee. Recently my hubby paid his usual $14.95 for the month (gets you one purchase credit every month) and downloaded Steve Job's Biography which costs $30. So if you calculate things accordingly sometimes you're getting great rates for books in easily digestible form. Enjoy!

Evernote ($5 monthly): This app is an online organizer slash notetaker slash so much more. It's such a great app it needs its own tutorial so look out for that full-post tutorial coming soon!

Tell us, what are your must have paid-apps? 

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