Friday, November 7, 2014

A Way of Life: Third Grader Style

"Mom, this picture is so intense."
My 8-year old and I love sharing a meal together! As he puts it "we get to talk to each other!" My follow up is usually something along the lines of "I hope you'll always talk to me!" Then again, in my heart I know hope isn't necessary. My son will talk if talking is a part of his routine and life! 

Today he and I shared a sandwich. We sat side by side and after a brief prayer the chatting began. In these moments I know what his everyday life is like. Today's conversation included a lot and the excerpts below are his beautiful thoughts verbatim...

On Halloween Candy Donations at School:
"It's always nice to give people (troops) your candy because they're fighting for our lives and here we are having it easy just collecting candy!"

On Electronics after I said Electronics are a Part of Life:
"No one's born with electronics! It's not like babies are born with a cell phone. We don't need electronics!"

On Nutrition Thanks to a Health Lesson at School:
"Avocados are a high-quality fat, candy is low-quality… mom, I like cooking healthy snacks!" 

Needless to say, we turkey sandwiches full of avocado!

On Learning Center when I asked him to explain if it's like Tutoring:
His first point... "Well I don't know if it's like tutoring, because I don't know what that is!" ..."Everyone can learn, but sometimes teachers go too fast, so kids at Learning Center go at their own pace."

On School Counseling after he Mentioned he thinks his counselor was promoted because she has a huge office:
"Counselors at school talk to kids who are feeling depressed, sad, or having a hard time!"

This bit of insight through conversations means the world to me. As I catch a glimpse of his opinion, I begin to see the essence of who he'll always be. And hopefully, he'll grow up and remember to sometimes see the world as he does now... through the beautiful eyes of a thoughtful, giving and grateful third grader. Plus, sometimes as parents we wonder if we're getting this whole parenting thing right. I'd say the excerpts of candid conversations illustrate just how well-adjusted and normal our kids are turning out, even if there's also a sprinkle of weird through it all. 

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