Tuesday, November 18, 2014

15 Years Later

I cannot believe that it's been 15 years since Hermanas Unidas at UCSB was established. It really does seem like yesterday that I met Vero for the first time at the library. When I shook her hand that day I had no idea that 15 years would fly by and she would be there at the hospital the day my first daughter was born.

When I think back to those early years of HaU I am amazed at how different life was back then. But then I really started thinking about it. 15 years later I am a wife, mother of 2, blogger, and a full-time human resources director and really some things are still the same.

For example:

Somethings never change. 

We are celebrating 15 years of Hermandad with our very own QuinceaƱera Brunch! If you are alumni, or a current member of HaU join us. You can buy tickets HERE! Don't miss this beautiful event. I would love to see you there!


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