Thursday, October 9, 2014

Work/Life Balance

Do you work 10-12 hours a day in your career field? Are you in a more flexible line of work partaking in less than the traditional 8 hours a shift? Does work require extensive travel or maybe you get summers off? Every work situation varies, but what's key is to maintain work/life balance. Even a person grinding 10-12 hours a day can create a system of work/life balance.

For me, I've picked a flexible field in a family-friendly office. It's particularly great to working moms. In this field over ten years, I know I've traded in pay for time. I get a flexible day-to-day schedule, fulfilling management responsibilities, mission work in a field serving children and families as well as other small agency perks. My week often includes one work-from-home day, maybe two. This flexibility provides a certain calm. It adds to my need for balance. 

However, just today I was shocked to the core professionally when my work life balance felt compromised. Though, it may not actually be. I received news of management changes and with every new boss there's new expectations and systems. I'd hate to lose flexibility in the workplace which I value as a priority. As a working mom with three small children the traditional corporate America employee schedule doesn't fit my lifestyle needs.

Now, I'm likely counting my "eggs before they hatch". I don't know if a new boss means less flexibility and reduced perks. I'll hold out hope, but one thing's for certain, regardless of management, I'll always strive for decent work/life balance. I can't be overly consumed by making a certain amount of money or climbing a status latter, and for me, I could never sacrifice my home life for a heavy workload or demanding career.

Do you relate to this philosophy or not? Chime in below! 

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