Thursday, October 2, 2014

Technology is Changing My Kid

Thanks to our school district, my son brought home a brand spanking new Google Chrome Book this week. He counted down to this day all school year. He's now over the moon excited exploring his new gadget, charging it every night in preparation for school, downloading and playing academic games, and navigating YouTube videos with friends. 

I literally watched him transform over the last week talking about other kids in the network, password issues and the district server. As much as I may want to keep our smart phones and iPad away from him to stay humanly connected, I can't keep all electronics away. Technology is everywhere. His generation will use it to learn differently and there's nothing my aversions can do about that.

Chrome Books are simply a better academic tool. Instead of dragging around textbooks like mom and dad did, my son's carting around his new laptop. He's worried about free wi-fi access, a case for his chrome book and making sure he's running a system with ample battery life.

These concepts were once so foreign to him and now he could probably teach me a new thing or two about computers. Personally, I can't imagine what my life would have been had I had so much technology at my disposable. Whether we like it or not, this generation will be different. As much as technology can be the scapegoat for disrupting interpersonal human to human connections, it is also the blessing. Kids are learning faster, through more efficient and convenient platforms. 

Just this morning my son completed some academic drills before breakfast was even served and he surfed the 'net with ease. In three short days he's transforming into a pretty savvy computer user to the point that he now knows more about google drive than I do. This new technology not only allows him to learn differently, but he's adapting to making life & learning easier with the help of electronics. My kid happily lugs around his chrome book as a third grader, but, what's next, online schooling for high school?

What does this all mean? Kids of this generation will take us to new heights faster than ever before. I'm sure these are the kids that will invent flying cars. I'm sure of it!

My kid knows more about computers in third grade than I did as a senior in college. Are fast moving technological advances good for kids in the long run or will this only make them further disconnected from interpersonal human connections?

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  1. I personally think this is a great way to keep our kids up to date. Why would you want to make your child feel left out? That the way I see it. When people bring up the fact that when they where small they didn't have technology... blah blah blah. I so annoying! Back then technology wasn't as advance as it is now!!!! I'm a 25 year old mom and i support technology for my child!!!



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