Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Smooth Groove

I could save this post for our latest obsessions at the end of the month, but I'm too hooked to wait. They say musical tastes change and boy is that indelibly true. Without a doubt musical tastes evolve. I went from top 40 and radio pop to indie folk and electronic. 

With that said, I am currently obsessed with Banks. You know great artists only need to go by one name à la Adele. Banks was born and raised in Cali. and produces groove-filled creations. Her jams take me to a whole new place. There it's dark & sexy. I'm transported to a bar lounge dancing to my heart's content. Her dark R&B as it's referred to has that effect on me, but her voice takes matters to a whole new level. Billboard called her a "magnetic writer with songs to obsess over."

As I listen to her I am swaying left to right craving a decadent drink and my honey to lose myself dancing. Sure, I am just sitting in my kitchen surrounded by kids' messes, but a girl can (day) dream. Seriously though, Banks is a lovely gem with a voice to match, great beats and music that needs to take over the radio. I can't be more disappointed with what's considered the mainstream music of this generation. 

Now, tell me you agree…

What do you think of Banks?

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