Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kids in the Kitchen

Lately my children have been all about helping. Our four year old is especially engaged with household chores. If I don't find her "dusting" or propped on a chair "washing dishes", she's usually off making someone's bed or simply pretending to be everyone's mommy. This idea of helping has made for some interesting play and even more interesting meal times. 

Our three kiddos love helping out in the kitchen! Like many kids mine enjoy baking homemade cookies with mom or creating oddly shaped pancakes with dad. I love when our children get a thrill out of helping in the kitchen and my husband loves it even more than I do. He's very good about engaging our children in fun kitchen projects.

Just check out their latest creation:

Nailed it! 

Of course, the above photo is meant to be funny. This meal was a complete success. Most egg rolls turned out much "prettier" than the one pictured and all were delicious. 

My husband arranged a simple assembly line and laid out the basics: egg roll wrapping sheets, cheese, pepperoni and sausage. I added some flare with goat cheese filling while my hubby added sliced jalapeƱos to his egg roll. After each of the kiddos stuffed and rolled their pizza egg rolls, I added a small tooth pick to keep rolls in tact. Then as a safety measure, my husband took over all frying duties. The end result were delicious cheesy egg rolls and a discussion about everything a person could put inside an egg roll...

1. Bananas with Nutella (with a sprinkle of powered sugar on top)
2. Veggies (sliced carrots and cabbage) and seasoned ground beef
3. Diced peaches with blueberry goat cheese 
4. Diced Strawberries with cream cheese 
5. More pizza toppings (i.e. Mushrooms, peppers, pineapple chunks).

We really had such a fun time with this kitchen creation and look forward to more. Not only did we all enjoy the quality time, but while in the kitchen our youngins' become engaged in basic life skills, used their creativity and worked as a team. 

Are your kids fans of helping out in the kitchen, too? Please share your kid-friendly recipes below!

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