Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Costume Deals

I purchase five costumes every Halloween, okay, I purchase three but can buy up to five. I don't mind it, but wow are they pricy. Plus, they are usually pretty basic fits. Costume quality is pretty low leaving not much of an outfit after the "big show" on Oct. 31st.

Because costumes can feel like a huge investment, I've taken to shopping around for the best Halloween deals. If you're still shopping for the right costume (and price) this year, there's still time to snag a good deal. Check out these money-saving tips:

• Buy Secondhand: kids costumes are usually the easiest thing to come by secondhand. Consignment stores usually set out a huge gently-used selection around early September and options are plentiful up until just before Halloween. Yelp: consignment to find a spot near you with costumes 40%-50% off regualr price.

• Order online: be cautious here of high shipping costs. Give yourself at least a week to find the best online deal. For folks using you can buy secondhand costumes and if you have a Prime membership (which I love) you get free two-day shopping on a ton of inventory, new and used. Prime is an investment of $100 annually but it's well worth it. Before Prime I'd spend too much every Halloween season. This year I purchased three costumes my kids had their hearts set on and none cost more than $15 bucks. With free shipping, this was a great deal with mega convenience. I dodged scouring busy store aisles with highly overpriced outfits.

• Do-It-Yourself: this area isn't for everyone but if you're the crafty and creative kind then you already know how low-cost this route can be. My sister was just out shopping for one basic piece: a Tu-Tu and couldn't believe what a simple piece of bunched up tulle was going to actually cost. She went the DIY route and only spent $4 dollars. With Pinterest, do-it-yourself is easier than ever. 

These are three simple tips to not breaking the break this Halloween! 
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