Wednesday, October 15, 2014

First Taylor Swift now Rob Lowe: Parenting Advice

Recently I found myself quoting Taylor Swift to my 9 year old while doling out advice. Then while reading Rob Lowe's latest autobiography I read some parenting advice that made me stop and then write it down. Mr. Lowe was talking about his marriage and he said...

"... kids will only be as happy as their parents" 

So Rob Lowe is devastatingly handsome but he has some good advice that I needed to hear.  

We all know that parenting can be competitive. These days if all 24 hours of your day is not focused on your kids then you are not being a good parent. I had to admit that I fall into this trap constantly. I tend to put the happiness and needs of my children before my own. Rob Lowe's message is simple, happy Mommies and Daddies equal happy kids. 

I have always felt that kid's personalities and moods feed off their parents. When people mention to us how chilled out our kids usually are I always say, ''Have you met their father?" My husband is one of the most laid-back people out there. I have also noticed that when I am stressed and frantic my kids tend to act up more. I am on edge, they feel it, so they are on edge. So naturally this would be the same for happy parents. If I am happy and in a good mood, then my kids would feel that and be the same. Why didn't I ever think of that? 

So it took 80's hearththrob Rob Lowe to open my eyes to this. To remind me that this 24 hours parenting thing is not necessary. That it is not just okay but there is no need to feel guilty about it. By making time to make sure that I am happy, doing things that make me happy, makes me a better parent and gives me happy kids. 

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