Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Emotional Email

I can remember a time when email did not exist. Yes I am totally aging myself but it's important to this post. When I was little and wanted to send a message to my BFF, I would write it down on lined paper, pour my heart out, fold it up is some crazy origami style fold, and then literally hand it to her. Then around college emails became the main form of communication and today I would say text messages are. So in my lifetime I have gone from 4 page (front and back) letters on paper, to a paragraph in an email to sometimes literally text messages that consist of just a few letters. As much as I love technology there is one part that I still have a hard time with and that is expressing emotion.

I have a tendency to read too much into an email or text message. A simple "K" response from someone will have me worrying if I have offended someone. What this a short and curt "K"? Or a happy-go-lucky find of response. When I am responding to people I have a tendency to overcompensate with exclamation points to make sure that the person I am chatting with understands that I am happy and excited. Many of my text messages and emails look like this....

And if I feel that exclamation points are not enough you better believe I am throwing in all kinds of emoticons in there.

Tell me I am not the only one that does this? 

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