Thursday, October 30, 2014

Don't let work get the BEST of you in the WORST ways

I was recently promoted, again. It's been a lot of upward and forward mobility for me in a professional capacity over the last three years. I am beyond blessed for the opportunities. I began as a lowly Case Manager and hit the mother-load paving the way in a never before chartered path. I became the Executive Director of my agency five years after my first interview where I told that ED I'd have her job one day. 

Now, it hasn't all been cake-walk evaluations and happy-go-lucky relationships. Working my way up the ranks came with its fair share of trials, issues and challenges. Every bump in the road was met with two things:


It has truly boiled down to those two key areas of growth, focus and accomplishment. By working hard I ensured my work, not my words, spoke for themselves. Hard work led to not only more pay, but professional respect, added knowledge, and growth opportunities. I continued to work in spite of office stressors, common office politics and in times of uncertainty. All careers have uncertainty. Many times those uncertainties are in the hands of others or situations we cannot control. What can we control? How hard we work! So when all else fails, work hard, work harder than ever before. This way, work isn't getting the WORST of you as you continue to give your BEST!

Integrity was (and is) another key value in my professional life. Integrity doesn't mean always doing what's right and easy. After all, what is right isn't always easy; in fact, it's usually hard. I am a very honest professional. This honesty is rooted in integrity. How honest I've been didn't always equate to comfortable situations. However, personal integrity as a woman, as a professional dedicated to a non-profit career and simply as a human being meant doing what was best not what was most comfortable. My need to live in a way that is integrity-driven means being as transparent as possible. Sure, I could have been more ruthless in my career choices, but I wasn't. I'd like to think it paid off, and this way, I feel better with how I've lived not only my professional journey, but my life journey above all. Compromising my integrity would have gotten the worst of me and that was an area I was never willing to jeopardize.

What are your professional philosophies that keep the BEST you in business?

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