Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Saying No

Like all working moms with school aged children my schedule is packed. My days are filled with commitments from morning to night. My days fly by and there are times when I feel like I am being pulled in about 12 directions at once. Part of the problem is that I have a tendency to say yes to everything. I have a very, very hard time saying something as simple as...

"Sorry I can't make that. I'm busy". 

Until last week. Last week was the first week of school, there was also a girl scout meeting, a trip to the farmers market, story time at the library and of course work. On Thursday the girl scout council was having a leader meeting in the evening. The day was getting filled up fast and I was going to have to rush from work to get to the meeting on time and leave early to get to the farmers market before it closed. As I thought about my day I was exhausted, and it was still the morning.

Then I made a decision. I decided that my attendance at this troop leader meeting was not that important. It was a regular monthly meeting and the other 2 troop co-leaders were going to be there. I had to get past the feeling of letting the other leaders down, and feeling like they would think I am a slacker who is not committed to my role. And I had to get past my "Super Mom" mentality. These days there is a sort of pride in stretching yourself too thin. You see other moms boasting about their to-do lists and I must admit I can get caught up in it.

But last Thursday I was just too tired, too stretched and the thought of rushing was too much. I just wanted to spend the evening strolling the farmers market with my kids and husband. So I sent a text to my co-leaders and apologized and let them know that my day was too hectic and the meeting was going to have to be the thing I take off my plate. As working moms by co-leaders were very understanding and I spent a relaxing evening with my family instead.

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