Thursday, September 4, 2014

Perks of Becoming a Morning Person

I could never quite get up in the morning without hitting the snooze button 5 or so times. Plus, I somehow always rolled out of bed late and so began the all too common morning rush. This rush set our household off to a rough start every single morning. Soon, my children were experiencing the wrath of my late starts by tantruming through the rush and the delay was even impacting my marriage quality. Rushing every morning adds to stress more than one might think.

Rising early makes a huge difference on a personal and family-wide level. There's plenty of perks to being a morning person and anyone can retrain themselves to become one. If you're not already.

For me, everything changed when we got a new puppy. I became excited to nurture and train him. Part of that meant 6am potty breaks for our new pup. Without hesitation, I was suddenly up by 6am (sometimes 5:30am) instead of my usual rolling out of bed at 7:30am to have my son to school 30 minutes later.

My husband caught wind of my 6am wake up calls and quickly signed on to wake up with me. We agreed that we needed one drastic improvement that could help with running a smoother household routine and rising early felt right. It was also desperately necessary in a home with two parents working full time, three children and two dogs.

Before committing to this AM routine we were unknowingly missing out on a lot of the perks of being "morning people":

- family breakfast
- exercise
- added family (quality) time 
- dog walking 
- calm (non-rushed) morning routines
- meditation/prayer
- less grouchy kids (once adjusted)

More importantly, not rushing my children actually improved our parent/child relationships. Children respond so well to a routine that is predictable and calm. Our mornings were everything but calm until we decided to get up earlier! It was truly a blessing in our home and even our kids jumped at the idea of being up earlier.

The first morning we tried this each of our kiddos sprung out of bed ready to make breakfast. Sure, we warned them beforehand of all the perks of waking up early and they became excited for the change. Not every morning is easy breezy with tired kids, but we haven't let up and we're staying on this new plan for the sake of all the perks! 

Are you raising an early-rising family, too?!?


  1. 25,000 mornings and more reasons to get up early

  2. I'm a morning person and I love it.Welcome to the a.m. club.


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