Monday, September 22, 2014

Mortified: The Documentary

When I am not binge watching Friday Night Lights and my husband is not getting through 17 hours of DVR'd MMA fighting, we like to watch documentaries together. Netflix has a pretty good selection to stream. It is surprisingly easy for us to find something we would both enjoy. We recently watched the documentary "Mortified Nation"

This documentary is all about people who go up on stage and read from their childhood/teenage years diaries. Word for word, into a microphone, to a large audience. If you have ever went back and looked at your old diaries, then you know why it is called "Mortified".

So why in the world would people voluntarily do this? The documentary not only shows a lot of performances, but it talks to some of the presenters about why. One presenter said that even though your diary entries seem like they were written by a totally different person, if you look at the core of who you are, it's the same awkward kid you use to be. Just not as intense.

Many of the presenters felt that by sharing their intimate thoughts from their younger years, people would be able to relate. No matter how awful, or dumb it is. You can tell by the reaction of the audience and the popularity of these show that people can really relate. I have to admit that there were many different diary entries that mirrored what my junior high diaries read like. My diary was a place where I could say all the things I would never say out loud. I had some pretty awful and now hilarious things I would have never said out loud. Now would I go up on stage a read some of it? Probably not, it would be mortifying.

You can stream this documentary on Netflix!

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  1. Such a wild and crazy idea. I can only imagine the laughs I get reading my childhood diary!


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