Wednesday, September 24, 2014

KIDZ BOP 26: Music Review

I can't believe there are now 26 KIDZ BOP albums to choose from. KIDZ BOP is a compilation of popular songs re-imagined for kids. These kid-friendly tunes are sung by kids and usually kept as similar to the original hit as possible. Who ever came up with this concept struck gold. These are hot sellers and kids and parents quickly know why.

These are pretty awesome CDs for families that need to make a musical compromise. As a parent, I don't want to listen to Barney songs on repeat, but I also know that artists like Rihanna and Macklemore (which I like) don't necessarily sing about kid-appropriate topics. KIDZ BOP transforms songs by combining the melodies and concepts of original hits with slightly tweaked music lyrics, ultimately, making the music appropriate for kids. 

The most recent KIDZ BOP release includes artists such as Pharrell, Katy Perry and One Direction. So go ahead, nab these CDs and listen worry free. With KIDZ BOP parents don't need to worry about the content or lyrics of songs that are all over the radio. You can listen to "radio hits" that are appropriate for kids, because let's face it, radio versions of songs are becoming quite ridiculous. 

What's even better is that these songs can be easily streamed (free) on Pandora or Spotify. Simply search KIDZ BOP and you're all set. But be warned, if you don't have commercial free Pandora your kids might still get some pretty inappropriate music interruptions. Imagine having to explain to your kids what the Trojan condom commercial is all about. Yeah, you're on your own with that, but at least there's KIDZ BOP to water down those catchy Flo Rida or Chris Brown lyrics. 

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