Friday, September 26, 2014

Current Obsessions


Friday Night Lights: As usual I am totally late to the game with this show. The best part of being so many years behind is that you can binge watch the entire show at once. Yes I have all 5 seasons just waiting for me to watch. I will not even admit how many episodes I have watched in a very short period of time. Now I didn't grow up in Texas, but football was a pretty big deal at my high school. I don't think I missed a home game in all the 4 years I was there. I also loved that all the kids call each other by their last name. We totally did that in high school.

You and Me by You+Me: I love Pink and she has just come out with a new project. She has a new collaboration with  Dallas Green of the band City and Colours out. This is the first single from the upcoming album and it is beautiful. The music and the lyrics just hit me in my soul. I am loving this new softer side of Pink.

Tajin: I am also late to the game with this Mexican fruit and vegetable seasoning. Maybe because I have just taken a liking to spicy things. They say your taste buds change every 7 years and my 7 years must be up. This summer we have consumed lots of sweet watermelon and we decided to try a bottle of tajin. My taste buds exploded with the amazing flavor combo of sweetness, salt and some heat from chili. We have since tried it on everything, including cherry vanilla ice cream. Surprisingly good!


Brian Tracy's Book: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life: I'm all about self-help books and I have zero qualms with the perception of that. Most times it's almost looked down on as though the people reading these books are somehow down and out, low self-esteem types. For me, self-help books are wonderful tools to keep individuals focused on growth and progress in work, relationships, and in my case, as a parent. I got this book from the Barnes and Nobles clearance rack and it's been a great easy read. Reading it automatically puts me in a focused, no-nonsense and grateful mood. If you want a helpful, straightforward read on sucessful habits this book (or any by Brian Tracy) is a must. He's a great author and success coach.

Cleaning My Home: Seems like a funny thing to obsess over, but as of late, I am hooked. A clean home keeps me feeling organized and light. It's essential to my daily routine. Plus, I can have folks over at the drop of a hat. I love impromptu visits. I make sure to stay positive in my chronic tidiness (by not nagging about the task) and do it at times when it doesn't take away from family quality time.

Central and South America research: I once backpacked through Central America. I also studied about Latin America in college as part of my major. These moments became definitive in who I am today. Currently, I'm obsessed with moving my entire family abroad and the first step in any family adventure is research. We've settled on Latin America as our eventual destination, so I spend countless hours learning about what it'll take to make this family travel adventure a REALITY! 

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