Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Creative Homeschooling

I never would have considered myself a crafty person but being a mom really changes you. After I had my kids I found myself doing all kinds of crafty things. Now that I have become a homeschooling parent I have really let those creative juices flow. Sometimes trying to teach certain subjects to my 9 year old can be a challenge. The standard, read and regurgitate method just doesn't work well for us or for most kids. Sometimes a hands-on project is a great way to learn. I have been forced to look beyond the textbook and come up with creative ways to reinforce lessons.

Here are a few of my favorite projects over the last year....

 We had a lesson all about local government. We were learning about city councils and mayors so we decided to email our local mayor and ask if she would have time for a sit down interview. She was more than happy to meet with my daughter. They talked for almost an hour and it gave my daughter a real idea of what local government did for our community.

 Last year we were learning about different types of telescopes. For this lesson my daughter got to design her own telescope that could do anything she wanted. She designed the x-ray telescope 2000, a telescope that could see inside planets! Just a few empty water bottles, plastic film cut from a soda liter and some foil and we had a really cute project!

Last year my daughter was in 3rd grade and they studied the solar system. We used a Lite-Brite with a black piece of construction paper to recreate different constellations. 

One of our first science lessons was on different types of ecosystems. For this lesson we made our very own little ecosystem complete with sea monkeys, live plants and snails.

We have had such a blast working on projects together. When it comes to project ideas Pinterest is my BFF. I always go there first. I can usually find a project or at least inspiration for one. I also try to find projects that use things we already around the house. Most of our projects are free and our most expensive was $7.00.

You can follow along on my homeschool adventures every Wednesday on my personal blog Punk Rock Parents! 

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