Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bad Decisions

The other day I caught a glimpse of a reminder of a bad decision of my youth. I caught a glimpse of my tramp stamp. Yes I have a tramp stamp. There I said it. It's out there. I was about 22 years old and I made the decision to walk into a tattoo shop and ask some big burly dude to tattoo the letter R on my lower back. Yes the letter R. Back then I thought blackadder font was the "ish" so of course I came in with my printed out letter R. My brother was there with me and without hesitation I jumped onto the chair and had this blackadder uppercase "R" permanently inked right above my butt crack. 


You want to see it huh?? Fine.

Of course this letter R was for an ex and now 15 years later there it is, still on my back. The ex is long gone but the tattoo remains. The easiest solution would be to get it covered up but there are two reasons why I haven't....
  1. I do not want to increase the size of my tramp stamp.
  2. The first tattoo hurt very much and I haven't got the courage to go back from more. 

Chances are this tattoo will remain on me for the rest of my days. I can only hope that it will be a reminder to my kids that sometimes bad decisions will follow you forever.

Just ask Nick Cannon. 

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