Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Adventures in Low Carb Dieting

I wouldn't say I'm a pro at low-carb dieting because I'm not, but my husband, now he's a different story. For years he's kept himself in shape with moderate exercise and reducing many of the carbs everyday folks consume all day long. I recently decided to try out this dieting regimen, and though tough, it's totally doable and here's why....

1. Breakfast is a "low-carbers" paradise. Just think bacon and eggs and who doesn't love that classic dish? Plus there's so much more to breakfast than just bacon and eggs. Breakfast is always a great dinner alternative! There's plenty to choose from such as yummy omelettes with all the fixings. Fill your omelettes with deli meats or turkey sasuage, cheese, egg whites and all the veggies your heart desires. Breakfast is hearty, delicious and easily low-carb!

2. Low-carb meal options are becoming more and more common. Back in the day it wasn't always easy to find low-carb menu options at restaurants, but in recent years so much has changed. Recently I was at a small hole in the wall Mexican restaurant that served delicious fajita lettuce wraps. There was no need to feel deprived over Mexican dinner while others enjoyed an abundance of tortillas and rice. Low-carb dishes are available and with some planning ahead you're actually able to enjoy great meals. I especially love Mediterranean restaurants serving yummy meat skewer combinations, with salads and hummus (garbanzo-based).

3. Textures can be immitated! I love mashed potatoes for the flavor and texture. A delicious cauliflower mash with pepper and butter as an alternative leaves me feeling totally satisfied. For a little crunch I love sliced cucumber or radishes in place of chips. And there's really no reason to not wrap anything in firm lettuce leafs... tacos, burgers, seafood! Simply get creative with your alternatives and you won't have to compromise on flavor or texture cravings!

Ever tried and succeeded at low-carb dieting? Share your tips with HerMamas' readers by commenting below!

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