Friday, September 5, 2014

5 Reasons I Am Watching Candidly Nicole on VH-1

  1. We all remember Nicole Richie from The Simple Life with Paris Hilton. And we remember her being the funniest thing on the show. Her quick wit and funny life observations are what her new show is all about. 
  2. Just like me she grew up in the 90's. On one episode she went on a tour of all the important spots that Beverly Hills 90210 filmed and even recreated the scene on the walking path where Kelly and Dylan told Brenda they had hooked up over the summer while Brenda was in Paris.
  3. She is a Mom and deals with issues like trying to fit in with the other moms at her kids school. Nicole even goes as far as to start her own chicken coop in order to get the other moms to like her. I also kinda respect that she does not have her kids on the show at all.
  4. She did a whole episode on what it's like to be short. At just 5'2 I completely understand how hard it is to reach stuff and why high heels are so important. 
  5. Despite being rich and famous Nicole comes off as a very down to earth person. I would totally hang out with her. 

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