Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What Makes Your Soulmate Great?

If you took your relationship cues from Hollywood's depiction of love, your partner (or soulmate) would be tall, dark and handsome. They with their perfect smile would be chronically sensitive, in perfect shape, the epitome of understanding, and always pleasant.

Hollywood makes it all look so easy, fancy and fun.

Just the other day, I got to thinking about this mainstream love facade, what really makes a soulmate great and what it actually takes to make relationships work. It takes work.

My husband is perfectly made for me without being perfect. In fact, we're total opposites in ways that work while being the same in areas that set us back.  I can be hot-headed and turbulent while he's peace in any storm. He can be mellow to a fault while driven enough for the both of us. We work within the goodness that is us and resist the faults that make us human. 

Love is an ebb and flow. In my opinion, the best relationships are ever-evolving, grounded and compassionate in all things.

The other day, I texted my hubby that I was feeling low. I was bumming around in a funk that spilled from one day into the next. Not sure what most soulmates might respond to a wife's woest-me moment, but here's what my husband texted back…. 

So there I was in a funk, and my soulmate was coming from a place of compassion. He texted me back with all these solutions. After loving me 11+ years, well beyond the honeymoon stage, he could have written "snap out of it, STOP." Instead, he warmed my heart with a supportive tone and bright ideas. And with 7 simple texts my funk somehow dissolved. In that instant I remembered how beautiful it is to love and be loved. 

So, what makes a soulmate great? To me, the answer is simple, a soulmate that makes you better is the epitome of LOVE and the definition of greatness!

Tell us, what makes a soulmate great?!?

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