Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Teaching Typing

When my daughter was in 2nd grade the only homework she ever had was cursive writing. Every once in a while I would get on my soapbox, just to my husband of course, about what a waste of time it was to teach kids cursive writing. In this day and age they should be teaching grade school kids typing. It is a skill that will be a million times more useful than cursive writing. Although I have to admit, my daughter now has some pretty nice handwriting.

I was a hunt and peck type of typer for a very long time, and having the ability to type quickly and properly is such a big time saver for work and of course for blogging. Since my daughter is going to be going into 4th grade I know that typing skills will come in handy.

I have been looking for a good and free (that's very important to me!) website that was designed for kids to learn typing skills. I have finally found one, and on the BBC website of all places. Dance Mat Typing offers fun, fast-functioning, kid friendly typing lessons. The lessons start with where to place your hands and moves onto the home keys. There kids (or even adults!) are given letters and words to type. What I really liked about this site is that the keyboard is on the screen so your kids can practice typing without looking down at the keyboard. After a few lessons the screen keyboard goes away, but if you feel like your child still needs it you can bring it back with a click of the mouse.

Despite the repetition of each stage it moves fairly quickly and in just 20 minutes I could see an improvement in my daughters typing skills. I highly recommend this site!

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