Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Teacher's Pet

I can't believe that summer vacation is almost over. My now 4th grader starts school this Friday!

I love starting the new year on the right foot with my kids teacher, and what better way to do that than with a gift. Now in the past we have gone the typical apple for the teacher route, but thanks to Pinterest you can be more creative and with very little expense! Here are some ideas for some creative 1st day of school gifts that are sure to earn you and your kid some brownie points! (Just click on the photos to find downloadable prints!)

Mints:  Just grab a tin  and fill with mints, or you can just grab some altoids! Print out this cute tag and tape it on. So simple. So cute!

Notebook and Pencils: What teacher can't use more notebooks and pencils! These days you can find both for about $2.00. Add a sweet note with this printable label.

Hand Lotion:  Those small bottles of lotion are perfect to keep on a desk. Add a sweet note about having a smooth year. Smooth...get it....lotion...smooth.

Highlighters:  My favorite part of back to school are the school supplies. I have a real love for them. Highlighters are one of my favorites! I love this idea of a bundle of highlighters tied together with twine and this printable sweet note.

Sharpies:  All teachers will go through a lot of Sharpies throughout the year. Some twine and a note is all you need! Oh and the Sharpies of course.

                                         Hope your first day back at school is the best!  
And for you Mamas dropping off for the first time.... take some dark sunglasses because you will cry! 

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