Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mom's 1st Birthday....

I dare you, double-dog dare you to watch this video WITHOUT crying. 

*** Did you actually click the link and watch it? If not, take the dare, and click!

Being a parent is truly one of the most complex gifts of life. We're so eager to celebrate our children's accomplishments, their milestones and to be in service to them. Plus, year one is the year a baby literally needs their parents (especially mom) the MOST! 

The above video truly captured the essence of being in service and it celebrates mommy's 1st year as much as it celebrates the baby's. Thank you Pampers for always nailing it with these ads. I especially loved this one from any years ago. Again, the message is babies need their mommas and it doesn't matter if you're a mammal or not. Everyone who makes it to year one made it with the support and guidance of loving parents. Us mommas push and pull and somehow we get our baby's through the sleepless nights, high-temps and high-tech gadgets, a dreaded SIDS paranoia and so much more.

With that said, as of late I've made a true effort to slow down. It's crazy the number of times we have to hear "enjoy it, they grow up fast!" I swear year 1 went by in the blink of an eye. However, I understand that now more than ever. What I've been especially conscious of is not simply all the firsts but all the lasts, too. Those are the real tearjerkers when you think about it.

See, we don't always remember the last time we gave our child a bottle, changed their diaper or maybe the last time we're called to tuck them in at night because they're scared. Those moments escape us and before we know it our babies are toddlers and our toddlers are grade-schoolers. I don't even want to envision when my grade-schoolers become teens. That's scary!

Today my oldest turns 8 years old. No longer does he need his old mom (he once thought I was 50 years old, I'm 33) to hand-feed him or tuck him in at night. He rather I let him borrow my iPad and watch MTV, and even still, he doesn't stop being my baby. I remember so vividly the bond created during year one of his life. It is in those 12 short months where I truly earned my parenting "stripes." 

So dear mommas: in the hustle and bustle of it all, let's remember to take a moment out of each day to slow down and enjoy not only all the firsts while hurrying to complete countless tasks, but also savor the lasts remembering that there's nothing quite as amazing as motherhood and that bond we created year one of our parenting journey. Doesn't matter how bumpy the journey, it's worth being celebrated! 

So to the dads reading this: please follow the example in video #1 and start plotting your photo gallery surprise, too! Moms deserve that and SO MUCH MORE! 


  1. Glad you are slowing down ;) You are doing a great job as a mom friend and wife !

  2. I love this! made me cry. My 17 year old sister saw the video and did not understand it. I cried and hugged my children.

    1. It's a tearjerker for sure! Glad it resonated with you!


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