Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Disney Channel Shows: A Household Obsession

The Disney Channel is a household favorite for us. The early morning cartoon selections are perfect for toddlers thanks to shows like Sofia the First and The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. My typical morning entails at least 30-60 minutes of Disney Channel to give this momma time to tidy our home and ready myself for the day.

As the day wears on, the channel's programming switches to a slurry of pre-teen shows. I must say this is where the household obsession begins. My 8 year old could sit in front of the tube with Disney Channel on all day, if we let him. Of course, we limit the amount of TV he watches, but a lot of these Disney shows are pretty awesome. I actually don't mind his interest in this kind of television and often find myself watching along with him.

These are some must watch Disney Channel Shows:

Gravity Falls: is one of the only animated shows of it's kind for a pre-teen audience. I've already raved about this show in other Hermamas.com posts, but I had to mention it again since my son and I LOVE the series so much. It's hilarious and so well written. We find ourselves repeating the show's silly one-liners all day long.

Dog with a Blog: we're a dog loving family so naturally we took to this show. This series is about a typical American family except for the fact that their dog TALKS (and obviously, blogs)! Talking animals aren't a new concept, but this show is the right mix of funny and sweet. My kid and I enjoy watching.

Good Luck Charlie: Another cute show that incorporates today's technology. Each show ends up being a video-blog for the little sis in the family, Charlie. The entire cast has great chemistry and the storylines are pretty cute, too. I especially love how everyone is so loving to the adorable Charlie character.

Austin and Ally: this is your classic show filled with pre-teens that love to dance and sing. I love how this show is such a good influence on what my kid thinks is "cool." He often tries dancing and dressing like Austin,  a fictional character I don't mind my son imitating.

Girl Meets World:  This is a spin off of a classic TV show from my youngin' days, "Boy Meets World." This is a new show to the Disney Channel and my kiddo and I already love it. It's got great lessons splattered throughout and it's nice to Cory and Topanga Matthews back on screen as parents. Just last night while watching an episode my son leaned over and said, "I love this show!"

What are your favorite Disney Channel Shows?

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