Monday, August 4, 2014

Dadchelor Parties are a Thing?

In my Mom's generation women gathered to celebrate a new baby with baby showers. They were all women events with food, games and gifts. I remember going to one when my Mom was pregnant with my youngest sister. All the ladies from her work gathered to celebrate. My generation saw the co-ed baby shower. For both of our kids my family hosted a big co-ed party complete with games for the ladies, guys and kids. There was food and beer and we even had a poker tournament at one. My husband and I both got to open gifts and celebrate with our loved ones.

The other day I heard the term "Dadchelor Party" for the first time. Yes it is exactly as it sounds, a party for a new Dad and his guys. A sort of last hurrah before their lives are changed forever. A way to say goodbye to their carefree, baby-free days.

There are many different ways to celebrate a Dadchelor Party. Some are a good ol' fashioned poker night. The Beer and Diaper Party is also popular. But how far do these parties go? As far as a bachelor party?

These days having a baby means showing up to 3 different parties; a gender reveal party, a baby shower and now a Dadchelor party. Oh and don't forget the Babymoon!

Are Dadchelor Parties a good idea, or are they just an excuse to get drunk with your friends? 

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