Friday, August 29, 2014

Current Obsessions- Back to School Edition

We are in the thick of back to school over at HerMamas. This is always a hectic but exciting time of year. One of my favorite parts is all the back to school supply shopping. I am such a sucker for school supplies! Here are some of the back to school things we are obsessing over.

Kids' Fashion (high-top sneakers): My son has really turned a corner with back to school clothes shopping. In the last year, his style has been solidified and he takes pride in dressing himself and picking out his own clothes. These days he's all about high-top sneaks with layered shirts and jeans. To kick off the school year he ended up with two pair of colorful high-top sneakers to mix-up his daily options and I think he looks adorable!

Journaling: not only is my son writing in his back-to-school planner but his teacher handed out calendar journals during the 1st day of school which he immediately began using. My kiddo loves writing in his journal and calendar planner. I'm thrilled to see what he fills his day with and how he's becoming organized through writing. 

Classroom Student Roster: I can't believe how excited I was about the annual class post. My son's school lists a child's classroom, teacher and classmates two days before school begins. This night is usually pretty exciting, but we oddly missed it this year. The next morning I made the solo trek to my son's school to find this list. I was literally high-fiving myself reading names of kids I recognized and knew my son enjoyed being friends with. Then I went over the list with my son a few times and this was just the thing to get him fully pumped for back to school! 

Weekly Organizer: We do a homeschool program through a local charter school and it is a lot of work. It really is a family affair and if we are not organized and have a schedule we find ourselves rushing on the day before assignments are due. When it comes to school schedules I LOVE a good free printable weekly organizer. I fill it in once a week with everything from daily assignments, blog post ideas, doctor appointments, library visits and even the daily menu. The whole family knows where the schedule is and can easily look and see what's going on that day.

Trapper Keeper: Yes they are back. Unfortunately they don't have the old school awesome pictures like a unicorn jumping over a rainbow, or kittens in a basket. They come in just plain colors, but are still awesome for keeping all my kid's work neat and organized. And don't worry, I already tweeted the company asking about getting some of the classic designs back for next year.

Boogie Board: No this is not the kind you use at the beach, these are actually LCD writing tablets. Kind of like an e-pad of paper. We use use this like we would a white board. Something that we can write on, do practice math problems, do a spelling test etc. We can do all the things we would use scratch paper for without wasting paper! A simple push of a button and the whole screen is cleared! 

Are you or your kiddos back to school?
What are some of your favorite back to school items?

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