Friday, August 1, 2014

Boosting Your Happiness (and zapping happiness busters)!

Here are a few ways to boost happiness levels:

1. Exercise: natural endorphins released in this simple and underutilized habit make happiness levels shoot through the roof. It also helps individuals manage stress levels, simultaneously zapping another happiness buster. Personally, exercise works wonders for my state of mind. When I'm engaged in a regular exercise regime my mood is immediately boosted.

2. Avoid negative influences: this can be so underrated but critical. Bad news, relationships and environments all eat away at a person's positive outlook and gratitude for life. Don't let negative media outlets, people or environments (such as work or social circles) dictate the pace of your happiness. 

3. Never chase material happiness or outward approval: we hear it all the time: "things don't make us happier" however many of us still chase material items and typically because of what others will think. A long time ago I let go of chasing designer duds and lifestyle items that    "defined" outward happiness. For instance as a kid it was ingrained in my being that I should be a homeowner. I'm now a very proud (& happy) home-renter. The status of homeowner doesn't equate happiness and when I did own a home I went through some of the toughest, loneliest and most financially taxing times of my life. Truth is, I bought the place thinking "I had to", "my family and society expected us to" and even worse "IT would make me happier." That frame of thinking was so wrong. Today, I live in an amazing community. I love our environment, the schools and our home. It really doesn't matter if I own the place or not. But don't tell my momma that, she highly dislikes my take on renting versus owning property.  

4. Have enough going on? This area is a little tougher to evaluate, but not having enough productive and fulfilling life commitments could create too much spare time and lead to a routine of laziness. Many don't stop to consider how inactivity and wasted time actually can deplete happiness. I personally tend to be my happiest when I'm juggling a lot of projects and commitments. I co-run this blog, work full-time, am a wife, parent to three child and two doggies (just had to throw in the pups). I make time to workout, read, have a date night with galpals, my spouse and children. I also love coordinating family and friend gatherings. The busier my calendar (as long as I'm not stressing about the commitments), the better! Genuine productivity boosts happiness here so I remain conscious of how busy I am to ensure balance and peace of mind. 

5. Beware of false productivity: Don't be confused, channel surfing and social media chronicling, though time consuming, doesn't actually lead to boosting a person's happiness levels. In fact, social media can be known to create deep issues of depression for individuals who end up feeling "leftout" and unfulfilled after "watching" other "happy" followers lives in action, same with reality TV viewing. So beware and don't let technology or electronics bring you down. 

What causes your happiness levels to shoot through the roof?
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