Friday, August 15, 2014

Being UNfriended on Facebook: An Update

About a year ago one of my best girlfriends unfriended me on Facebook. It was a group of us that got unfriended actually and boy did it suck. It sucked because this was an honest to goodness friend that suddenly shut us out. 

Before social media, we were friends. Before accepting hundreds of "friend" requests on Facebook, this girl was our BFF. Personally, she was the kind of friend that made me feel funnier, smarter,  braver and happier just by being in her presence. 

Then one day, she was incommunicado. She didn't want to be in my world. She didn't answer my calls or texts. She was gone and it hurt. 

Here's how I handled being unfriended by my longtime friend. I said my piece and apologized for the role I played in our falling out. I then didn't let being unfriended matter so much. I called even when there would be no answer. I sent Facebook messages even if they'd go ignored. I listened while other friends said "they were done with the drama and planned to move on." I listened, but I didn't agree. I just couldn't quit on a friendship that was based on reality and not comments on my newsfeed. 

Eventually, my girlfriend came around. She was back and it was like we never skipped a beat. She thanked me for never giving up or turning my back on her. She was suddenly there for me like she'd always been. 

Losing friendships is never easy, but it's a part of life. Still, not all friendships need to be lost forever. Sometimes people lose their way and misunderstandings occur. Sometimes life simply beats us down and we forget that friends are meant to make it sweeter not harder. For me, I didn't let pride come over me and made sure my friend knew I was ready when she was. I had faith things would fall back into place even after they'd come undone. And they did!

Have you ever been virtually unfriended by a close friend?!? 

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