Thursday, August 14, 2014

Being a BUSY mom shouldn't feel like such a drag!

Yesterday was one for the history books. Having work, family in from out of town, a child celebrating a birthday and a day full of activities made for a nonstop day 6am to 11pm. I was running from one commitment to the next and literally had to psych myself out midway through with a double espresso and personal peptalk.

But what I did for the day isn't uncommon. Moms are the queens of the multitask. It comes with the parental territory and it can be managed. Here are 3 simple tips to making it all work (with relative ease, sometimes)...

Plan your next day. Mapping out your next day in writing helps a busy momma get organized and makes for a more efficient day. A simple note in your smartphone works wonders. Lay it all out by hour and do your best to stick to a predetermined plan.

Ask for help. Sure, you can do it all. You can. But you don't always have too. Yesterday I had friends babysitting and family members pitching in to make my son's bday a true success. Being good with your time doesn't mean you do everything, always, all alone. In fact, it could be that the more help you seek and use the better your ability to manage various tasks.

Check your mindset. Being busy can feel overwhelming and taxing, sure, but it's worse when you're outwardly stressed by all of your time commitments. Do your very best to stick to your daily to-do list, enjoy the help from friends and family and consciously put yourself in a state of positivity. What I often tell my son is to display "an attitude of gratitude!" This could be appropriate for busy mommas, too. Being positive about all you have to take on gives you a pleasant mindset from which to stay on task and feel good about yourself when your day is done! And whatever you do, don't complain, that is a mindset crusher that only creates added stress. It also sends the wrong message to children who might start to feel like a burden to you.

There you have it... Three simple steps for keeping it together while better managing your time! Share your tips too; comment below!


  1. I had a similar day. I am a full time employee and i had a day off recently. of course I have to be there on the first day of school. After meeting the teacher and saying my goodbyes to my little girl i got my 1 year old ready and ran out to do errands needless to say I was out all day trying to get everything done. ending my day at 11pm! i got that text message enjoy your day off... I guess I did after all

    1. Way to go maxing out on momma duties! The old saying is so true "a momma's work is never done!"


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