Thursday, July 3, 2014

Parent and Child Back and Forth Journal

 I am hitting a weird stage with my 9 year old daughter. Is there such a thing as a pre-pre-teen? We are moving away from that stage in life where she told me everything. I use to get complete summaries of her days from what her friend said in math to what she ate for lunch to how she had a wood chip in her shoe all day. These days I feel like I have to pry any information out of her. Many conversations go like this....

"Hey! How was your day?"
"What did you do?"

I know that keeping an open line of communication with my kids is important. I know that it is important for my daughter to know that she can come and talk to me about anything. Recently while shopping Amazon for a new journal I came across this one. Written by a Mother and Daughter this journal was created as a way for parent and child to communicate through journaling.


I loved this idea and I had the perfect notebooks to use. I bought these Pendleton notebooks months ago and loved them. I had been carrying one around waiting for the perfect reason to write in it. I wanted to use it for something I would want to keep because how gorgeous is the cover art?

I added a few labels and wrote my daughter a letter and handed her the notebook. She flipped over this idea. She thought it was so cool to have something that was just ours that no one else could see. I think that part is important. In order for her to feel comfortable and allow her to be open and honest she has to know it is just between us.

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