Thursday, July 10, 2014

Outdoor Games for Summer

This summer I'm hoping to stay active by staying outside! The best way to make this happen is by incorporating my whole family, but with three young children this isn't always easy, so I've decided to add some new and old games to the mix!

This past weekend, we hit the beach with a simple frisbee and had a complete blast. Just think a frisbee toss of "monkey in the middle" while ocean waves crash all over you. We had a complete blast beachside. I had actually forgotten just how fun it is to toss around a frisbee. This is definitely an activity for slightly older kids, but it's one they'll love. And if need be, remember to bring along water toys to keep younger siblings entertained.

Have you heard of a game called Ladderball? My husband just nabbed one on Amazon for $50 and it's already led to hours of fun (and a little frustration, too). This is a simple aim and toss game, but it's easy/tough enough to become fun and addictive. Try this one out this summer! 

There are your usual summer games and sports that come to mind like beach volleyball, but what about participating in some other classics such as kickball or handball? With a few bucks you can grab a handball from any sporting goods store that works for both kickball and handball, plus you don't need any other equipment to actually play. When I recently played handball with my son he was having a blast talking about all the new & different rules and types of "hits" involved in today's handball world! Moral of the story, it makes for another fun summer game the whole family will love.

What are your favorite summer games?

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  1. We love Cranium! We play uno with my daughter or loteria.


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