Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Marriage in Celebrity Culture

Over and over again we hear about celebrity divorces. Tabloids run rampant and the Hollywood couple demise feels standard. There's the trice-divorced Jennifer Lopez standard, the Tori and Dean chaos and now even Kendra and Hank. Sadly, both reality starlets, Tori and Kendra are dealing with cheating scandals after giving birth to children. I find that insane! What's marriage coming to in celebrity culture?


Too many of today's scandalous stories get airtime and headlines, but what about the successful marriages of Hollywood? I recently saw a report that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith would soon celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary. Way to go, Will and Jada! In my opinion, there needs to be more examples of longterm commitment in celebrity culture especially since celebrities set the tone for today's modern culture and the youth of our time.

Then again, though I'd like to see more positive examples of marriages in celebrity culture, I also keep a realistic expectation of celebrities. I don't let them define my ideal of marriage, I don't believe everything I read and I definitely don't get my marital counsel from celebrities on a screen. That is reserved for outstanding couples in my actual life. 

What's your take on celebrity marriages?

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