Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Get your Groove(Book) On!

I take a ridiculous amount of photos on my phone. After they were posted onto social media they just stayed on my phone until the memory was full. My next step was to transfer all my photos from my phone to my external hard-drive where they would just sit, forever and most likely never be seen again.

Last Valentine's Day my husband bought me an app. Yes an app. Turned out to be a super cool app that I didn't know I needed! Groovebook is an app that you get for your smart phone. You then sign up for services that cost $2.99 a month.(this includes shipping!)  And what do you get for $2.99 a month you are asking? Well, you get 100 prints of any photo from your phone!

There are so many great things about this app...

  • Easy to use! You simply open the app and click on the photos you wanted printed and them hit upload. 
  • Never miss a book. It could be super easy to forget the monthly deadline for uploading pictures. Not with Groovebook, they send you a few reminders to your phone before your deadline. 
  • Easy to share and store: Each book comes in a different super cute cover design and look great displayed. The photos are are perforated at the top so they are easy to tear out and give away or frame. 

A few things to know....
  • What ever day you sign up will be your deadline day. 
  • The pictures come of photo paper that is a little thinner than I expected.
  • Instagram photos will not cover the whole 4x6 photo since they are square. 
  • If you miss your deadline you are still charged the $2.99

I get so excited when my new Groovebook comes in. I have been filling my monthly book with pictures for each month on the year. Plus my kids love being able to look at photos of themselves.

This is such an easy way to get those pictures off your phone and into your hands. 
And yes it really is only $2.99!

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