Monday, July 14, 2014

Do you like YOU? Colbie Caillet Chimes In!

Have you heard the new song by Colbie Caillet called "Try"? It's really a great message about inner beauty and letting go of that pesky habit that makes women feel immense pressure to fit in. I don't believe any woman could listen to these lyrics and not relate, but once you get a hold of this video there's a new level of understanding. I got chills watching different women mouth the words of deeply felt lyrics that declare one sentiment over all others "LOVE YOURSELF FIRST!"  It was touching to watch women strip down to their natural selves beginning with Colbie, a modern day celebrity!

Colbie was recently interviewed by Elle magazine and she shared that this song came about when she was discussing the constant push and pull of celebrity life and having to fit a mold that isn't her. There she was chatting with Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds about how she was done-up to meet with him, but didn't actually feel comfortable. Her normal and natural inclination was to forgo a visit from the makeup artist and manicurist before meeting with this hotshot producer. However, the expectation to live up to society's beauty norm had once again overruled her own comfort and desires. This is a norm that is so unrealistic in today's Photoshop world. Babyface asked Colbie to create music with these feelings in mind. What resulted was authentic beauty...

This is just the message I want to reinforce with my daughter. I desire for my sweet child to feel a self-confidence and self-acceptance that comes from deep inside of her being and isn't dictated by a cold and materialistic world. Thank you, Colbie Caillet for countering that world through song and for giving myself and other moms the music (and role models) to inspire our children, and us, to love ourselves first.

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