Friday, July 25, 2014

Current Obsessions

NOOOO! How can it be the last Friday of July already! Why does summer go by so dang fast!

Here are what we are currently obsessing over.


Dexter: America's favorite serial killer. Yes I know that this series ended years ago, but I never got past season 5. That's when we stopped paying for those premium channels. Thanks to Netflix I get to find out Dexter Morgan's fate. I forgot how suspenseful and exciting this show is. I loved Colin Hanks as the Dooms Day Killer (Spoiler alert!) I also forgot how sexy Michael C. Hall is as the messed up yet lovable Dexter.

Paddle Boarding: While on vacation last week we rented a couple of paddle boards to cruise around on the lake. I have always wanted to try them and the people on the lake made it look really easy. I am hear to tell you that it is not as easy as it looks, but it's not too difficult either. My 9 year old daughter and 8 year old niece took to it like ducks to water. One of my favorite vacation memories was sitting on the back of the paddle board with my 4 year old on the front and just gliding over the water. I really hope that we can find some time and a place to do this again soon.

Buzzfeed: Like I need another website to read! Recently my cousin emailed me this link. It had me cracking up and it also lead to about 2 hours lost reading through BuzzFeeds' articles. They are funny and entertaining and even informative. I especially love the Buzzfeed Parents thread.


Date Nights with My Children: might seem like something odd to obsess over, but here's my secret: date nights work wonders! As soon as I feel my kids are acting up I start upping the one-on-one date nights and poof somehow we're back on track behaviorally. One-on-one time is both fun and beneficial for parent and child. I'm happily obsessed. 

Garlic Knots: first I'm obsessing over the Walmart supermarket chain and now their products. For $2.98 you get eight delicious ready-to-bake garlic knots. I swear if I let my family do so they'd eat these morning, noon and night. They're that good! I'm drooling now just thinking of popping a bag in the oven.

Doggie Shelters/Shelter Websites: I oddly have doggie-fever. We already have a Yorkie we've owned for almost 8 years, but when she was recently sick I realized how much we love her, what a part of our family she is and how another big dog would be an awesome companion for her and our children. Now I'm scouring sites and visiting shelters like crazy hoping to adopt a pooch. Though I still have to convince my hubby a new dog is a good idea!  

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