Friday, July 11, 2014

Cinematic Blind Spots

I was recently reading a blog post and the author used the term "cinematic blind spots" to refer to classic movies he had never seen before. I loved this term and it got me thinking about some of the classic movies that are my "cinematic blind spots"!

I grew up in a house with all sisters so when it comes to big action blockbusters there were a lot I missed.

*Indiana Jones: I have never seen any of the films. I am of course with the iconic scene where the Indiana Jones dude switched out a bag of something for some kind of treasure. I don't live in a cave. I assume that there is a big boat involved and possibly a football team.

*Star Wars: Despite the fact that I have purchased the original trilogy for different people I have never sat down and watched one of these movies from start to finish. From what I can tell it is a pretty classic good vs evil battle with a paternity twist.

Now action/ sci-fi movies are the not the only ones I have never seen, even some pretty classic chick flicks are on this list...

* Love Actually: I know this is a staple in the chick flick collection, but I have never been able to get past the first 10 minutes or so. From what I can tell it is a one of those movies that takes a bunch of different little love stories that eventually all come together to become one big love story. Or maybe I am totally wrong. I have no idea, I have never seen it.

What movies are in your cinematic blind spot? 

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