Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beating the Post-Vacation Hangover

We waited all year for it to come, you spent the best time doing whatever you love to do. You spent time away from your work and house responsibilities. You probably stayed up late and slept in even later. And now it's all over and your experiencing what I like to call a "post-vacation hangover". Where the task of unpacking just seems so hard and depressing. You avoid calendars because you know that the following dates include going to back to work and to your everyday routine. You refuse to open the fridge because once you do there will be no more denying that a grocery shopping trip needs to be done. Why do I know so much about this? Well because my whole house was experiencing this exact thing for the last few days. It happens to us every year.

Here are a few things that help us get through our post-vacation hangover....
  • take an extra day off before going back to work. We usually get back from vacation on a Saturday night, which means Sunday is for unpacking. We also take Monday off to give ourselves a day to relax, decompress and mentally prepare for reality. 
  • understand that this is normal. It is perfectly normal to feel a bit blue after a great vacation. 
  • take some lessons from your vacation self. While I was on vacation I kept my cell phone on airplane mode most of the time. This allowed me to take photos and even read a book. It was nice to not keeping my ear out for a phone ringing or a text message. I have taken this approach and am using it during times I don't need to be "on call", like having dinner with my family. 
  • If none of this works one way to get over your last vacation is to start planning the next one!

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